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Repair Pricing
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Our pricing includes a CD with a copy of your original pictures and of your revised photos.

The minimum price is $5.00. Shipping and handling, if required, will be extra.

Digital Photos

Quick Color Correction .25 each

Note: Since the minimum price is $5.00, you can get 20 of your photos color-corrected for the same price as one.

Paint Simulation (See ReVISIONS tab)

Add $1 per photo to have them simulated as a watercolors.

Scanning your prints

Please note that the following prices are for the cost of scanning and color correcting your prints, not printing them.
A digital copy of your scanned original and your color corrected photos will be on your new CD.


Snapshot size, up to 5x7 .35 each

(Up to 14 snapshots scanned and color-corrected for $5)


5x7 size .50 each

(Up to 10 4x7’s scanned and color-corrected for $5)


8x10 size $1.00 each

(Up to 5 8x10's scanned and color-corrected for $5)

Scanned photos often need to be touched up. The larger the photo, the more ‘artifacts’ show up. We will remove obvious blemishes at no extra cost.


Ron Priest
[email protected]

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