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Scanning photos doesn’t take long, so your original photos can be returned to you in a short time. If you prefer, and if you live near Lincoln, Maine, we can set up a time to scan ‘while you wait,’ so you won’t have to leave your original photos anywhere overnight. We will get your color-corrected photos back to you in a matter of days.

Photos with extensive degradation may take longer, but we will work diligently to make them look bright.

Note: If you need a damaged photo repaired for a special occasion, please allow enough time.

We will return your new photos to you on a CD so you can put them on your computer, or so you can get them printed wherever you want.

If you need a photo printed and don’t have the time to get it processed, we can accommodate. However, photos made commercially will last longer than those from an inkjet printer, and the ink is much less susceptible to run if drops of water get on the surface.

Ron Priest
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